Miguel Bailon

My name is Miguel Angel Bailon. I am from Atlixco, Puebla Mexico. I came to America went I was only 6 years old. I got into running went I was inspired by doing my first volunteer on November 4, 2018. A lot of runners were very please and thankful that I was helping them out. Next year 2019 I ran my first marathon TCS NEW YORK CITY MARATHON with no training and no experience. That same year I had a toe injury. I didn’t quite because my mother was looking out for me. My time was 6 hours 09 minutes and 06 seconds . I ran that marathon to honor my mother Leonor Romero. She pass away on 03. 18.19 I was privileged to run it for her. My chef Adrienne Guttieri sponsored me to run TCS marathon 2019. She felt the pain that I was going through. Then on year 2022 sadly my chef Adrienne Guttieri pass away :( . She though me to be a great leader and lead the kitchen prep team. My heat was broken. It was just a hard moment to understand why kind people have to leave so early. My mother and Adrienne Guttieri were my role models. They though me to never quite in life, be humble and always help the needy. They show me to be respect, be kind, thankful and grateful to others. Life is not guarantee. Today we are here and tomorrow we are not sure where we would be . That’s why we have to live the life the fullest. Inspired the next generations of runners. Keep moving. Never give up on your DREAMS. Determination, Never GIVE UP, Over Come Your FEAR.

Upcoming Races

Date Race Location Type
03/17/2024 United Airlines NYC Half (2024) New York City, NY Half

Past Races

Date Race Location Type
11/05/2023 2023 TCS New York City Marathon New York City, NY Marathon
10/08/2023 NYRR Staten Island Half (2023) Staten Island, NY Half
09/17/2023 New Balance Bronx 10 Mile (2023) The Bronx, NY
07/30/2023 NYRR Team Championships 5M (2023) New York, NY 5 Miler
06/25/2023 BAA 10K (2023) Boston, MA 10k
06/17/2023 NYRR Queens 10K (2023) Queens, NY 10k
02/05/2023 NYRR Manhattan 10K (2023) New York, NY 10k
01/22/2023 NYRR Fred Lebow Half-Marathon (2023) New York, NY Half
01/07/2023 NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K New York City, NY 10k
12/03/2022 NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K (2022) New York, NY 15k
11/20/2022 Philadelphia Marathon (2022) Philadelphia, PA Marathon
11/13/2022 BAA Half-Marathon (2022) Boston, MA Half
11/05/2022 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K Manhattan, NY 5k
10/02/2022 TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 18M New York, NY
09/18/2022 New Balance Bronx 10 Mile Bronx, NY
08/27/2022 NYRR Grete's Great Gallop 10K New York, NY 10k
06/26/2022 BAA 10K (2022) Boston, MA 10k