Silvana Morgan

Eu sou brasileira. I am Brazilian and I am a runner. I am also a mom, a wife and a nurse. I immigrated to the US on December of 2008. I came to this country with the hope of building a better life and I am achieving it. Running plays a huge part of my life, this is how I maintain my mental health in balance. Although I am not a fast runner, and I know that I will never qualify for Boston Marathon (or any other race), and I will never reach the podium. I am still showing up. I run on my neighborhood in a daily basis, but participating on races is another level of joy. Races are where I can see the results of my hard work and consistency. Nothing beats the feeling of crossing the finish line. However races registration and logistics can be expensive and the costs can become a barrier for many. This is where Stride for Stride comes to close the gap. I am grateful for being a part of the team and for knowing that I will have a chance to run on races that otherwise would not be accessible to me.

Upcoming Races

Date Race Location Type
10/12/2024 Boston 10K for Women (2024) Boston, MA 10k

Past Races

Date Race Location Type
04/13/2024 26.True Marathon (2024) Boston, MA Marathon
11/12/2023 BAA Half-Marathon (2023) Boston, MA Half
06/25/2023 BAA 10K (2023) Boston, MA 10k
06/04/2023 Twin Lobster Half-Marathon (2023) Gloucester, MA Half